Marketing and promotion

FINCOM GROUP marketing services involve comprehensive approach to better understand our clients' issues and provide cross-channel solutions within a single marketing platform in order to maximize the return on investment. Our international team of marketing specialists, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, business brokers and real estate professionals brings together a unique combination of marketing insight gained from years of successful experience and multi-disciplinary approach to client’s needs.

Our marketing and promotion services include:

  • Market research
  • Formulation and execution of marketing strategy
  • Developing of logo, brand name, promotional materials
  • Creation of the web-site
  • Social media marketing
  • Organization of marketing campaign (social media, local events, publications, radio advertising)
  • Organization of promotional and educational events

Let us maximize the value of your efforts by developing a fully integrated marketing strategy, which is designed to meet your goals and capitalize on opportunities to help deliver better working business that grow.

Contact us today to discuss the best ways to connect your business needs with marketing opportunities.