a few words about us

FINCOM GROUP – a consulting group providing assistance in developing client’s business via offering multi-purpose auditing and consulting services in compliance with high quality standards.

The Group started its development as a law company in 2006 which specialized in legal escort of procedures applied in bankruptcy cases. Currently the company consists of the following departments:

Audit Group, Accounting Group
Investment Consulting Group
Anti-Crisis Management Group
Legal Department

AUDIT & ACCOUNTING GROUP  is a highly experienced group providing comprehensive financial solutions to companies who do not have in-house expertise in financial management, control, and processing. Fincom Group’s professional and multi-disciplined staff provides end-to-end service solutions as well as point-solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.
Fincom Group offers of a wide group of consultants with proven multi disciplined knowledge, experience and expertise in financial management control and processing. Our consultants perform tasks normally associated with those of a Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Controller, in addition to Bookkeeper, Payroll Controller and HR services.
Fincom Group has offices in Israel (Tel Aviv), USA (Miami), Russia (Moscow, Saratov)

The GROUP of CRISIS MANAGEMENT - specializes on granting a complex of services in maintenance of the business which appeared in a crisis situation including in anticipation of bankruptcy, or in this or that procedure applied in the case of bankruptcy. Comprehensive planning of procedure of bankruptcy, crisis management, bankruptcy process optimization.

LEGAL DEPARTMENT - uniting the professional lawyers specializing in different areas of the right including experts in international law, the immigration legislation of Russia, the USA, Israel.

DEPARTMENT of the ASSESSMENT which experts are certified on rendering services in an assessment of all types of property and property rights