Strategic Business Development Our lawers, business brokers, tax advisors and accountants work in close cooperation to find optimal investment and management solutions through your business development, growth or expansion
Comprehensive Legal Assistance We provide business services around legal, finance and tax related issues to manage under one roof legal and financial needs of companies and people operating in USA, Russia and Israel
The best solutions to complex problems Having international team of over 50 business advisory professionals, we work closely with our clients’ life stories, both solving major issues and meeting their day to day operational needs

We connect your business needs to opportunities

providing comprehensive assistance on issues that involve different fields and different countries

BUSINESS development

Business development

Business made simple

Unique cost-effective and comprehensive solutions

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Accounting Advisory

Accounting advisory

Broad expertise

Financial tools tailored to meet your needs

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Marketing & promotion

Marketing & promotion

High-impact results

Insights and strategy to move business forward

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Dual Residency 

Dual residency services

A personal  approach

High-quality legal expertise and support

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For our clients we develop comprehensive solutions, reducing their risks and save the client’s time by that the clients can achieve their goals with the best possible results.


It is already one year the Miami-me Magazine project created by the Fincom Group company unites Russian-speaking Miami residents, highlights events, introduces hundreds of people. Today, the Miami-me project looks confidently into the future. Thus, we want to wish prosperity, realization of plans and new creative ideas!
We provide a single solutions source for your business without borders. Run your business globally from anywhere - knowing that your interests are protected by law and your legal and financial needs are all managed underneath one roof.
why choose us
pic_7The single-source system

If you are looking for a perfect blend of expertise and quality service, Fincom Group is the right place to go

  • A fresh approach for each client
  • Highly personalized bundled services
  • One place to go for your business needs
  • Complete transparency and professionalism
  • Best business solutions to complex problems
  • Multidisciplinary approach and global mindset
  • A unique combination of skill sets and experience
pic_8New path to growth

Our services are designed for all phases of your business - from business idea to expanding your business overseas

  • Operating insights that help achieve exceptional results
  • Clear and simple strategies for business challenges
  • Wide range of opportunities for various business needs
  • A cross-functional effort to provide assistance on different fields
  • Practical and focused business development experience
  • Research-driven methodology to take advantage of best practices
  • Added value from linking corporate, marketing and financial strategies
pic_9A one-stop-shop for your company

Reasonable and actionable recommendations in order to solve complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow

  • Strategic planning
  • Investment consulting
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Operations management
  • Organizational development
  • Marketing plan implementation
  • Financial management control and processing